Hi, I'm Zachary.

Chief Technology Officer

Technologist / Leader / Maven / Architect / Engineer / Solver of Problems / Adventure Enthusiast

Zachary Hill laughing while looking into the camera.

.About Me

My leadership style is that of a transformational leader. I have a unique perspective on the interplay of technology and business from both the breadth and depth of my body of work. That work spanned varying organization sizes and industry types. I began working with my previous two organizations while they were in the startup phase. Each company was a managed service provider or MSP. While there, I worked with established organizations ranging from 50+ employees to 6000+ employees. I've worked with enormous healthcare organizations, tiny financial institutions, technology firms, hospitality organizations, construction, and enormous financial institutions. This perspective has given me an understanding of the evolution an organization goes through in its lifetime. This experience has helped me to hone in and focus on what matters most for each organization, in both the present and future, by leveraging design thinking principles.

Most recently, I have had the privilege of working with a fantastic leadership team at Think|Stack and at Sandia Laboratory FCU. A pivotal person on the Think|Stack team and in my career has been Chris Sachse, CEO at Think|Stack. Chris is a forward thinker when it comes to innovation in business, design thinking, and putting people first. I've learned a lot about how to be a better leader through Chris.

You'll find that I enjoy amping up my team both behind the scenes and publicly. Whether that be taking the time to explore the team's hobbies with them, hosting a session of D&D, an escape room happy hour, or making sure our customers know the impact each individual team member is having for them. I come from a history of playing team sports. Sports taught me the value in lifting up those around you. The power of confidence and positive thinking in any one member of a team can spread like wildfire and allow for impressive feats, previously thought impossible. In that same way, failure is something a team bears the burden of together. A single play may have been what sticks in one's memories, but it was the team that brought that play to be. Even in that case, failure is merely a learning opportunity put forth right in front of your eyes. A guidepost pointing you and the team towards continuous improvement.

Interestingly, I'm just as comfortable delivering a presentation to a board as I am rolling up my sleeves writing code behind the scenes. I never stray too far from my roots as a network engineer: doodling a topology diagram on whiteboard, organizing thoughts and ideas on my tablet, and unpacking the nitty gritty details of a technology. By putting a piece of technology within my hands I can turn it around and view it from all angles. Doing so helps me to understand how it can be placed within a larger system.

In many ways I'm like a star in the galaxy. I naturally pull a strong team together around me. To me, the best experience is working with a team who builds things together. Hands on, constantly improving everything we touch.

Zachary Hill explaining a futurism concept to a group of people.

.My Technology Philosophy

Technology Should Simplify

Technology should make our lives simpler, not harder. People follow the path of least resistance, and that means complexity or difficulty leads to ineffective technology. Don't settle for technology that solves one problem but creates another. Utilize the right technology to create efficiency and simplicity.

Transparent Engineering

Technology should be well-documented and communicated to describe how it works. The most utilized technologies are those which are plainly written, diagrammed, and described. Doing so allows others to use the technology as a building block.

Security As A Foundation

Security must be so interwoven into the technology that it is indiscernible from the technology itself. It should be a cornerstone of good technology and the foundation for everything thereafter.

Productivity Through Automation

Automation of the mundane and the boring solves problems and common mistakes such as typos or entering data into the wrong field. It allows people to focus on higher-level projects, innovation, and growth.

Redundant and Resilient

Technology should be built for failure. Failure can exist at every level and when the design or engineering of a technology accounts for failure that allows for continuity.


April 2024 - Present

SVP, Technology

Sandia Laboratory FCU

Technology visionary, strategist, and team leader. I oversee technology and cybersecurity within the organization. My role is to both enable and protect the organization through technology by aligning business goals with technology goals.

September 2023 - April 2024

Interim Chief Technology Officer

Sandia Laboratory FCU

Technology visionary, strategist, and team leader. SLFCU was going through a transition phase rebuilding their culture and vision. My role was to rebuild the culture, stabalize the technology, and move into the modern era where technology platforms enable the business.

April 2023 - Present


Octo Ventures

I founded this company to explore technology contracts while my partner and I traveled the country in our Airstream. This has been my proof of concept testing grounds for new ideas and exploring new directions.

April 2023 - September 2023

Sr Director of Strategic Technology


An organization trying to reinvent itself with new leadership and a new direction. My role was to provide vision, strategy, and experience in technology.

2018 - April 2023

Chief Technology Officer


Technical visionary, strategist, and team leader. I built the services and projects we sold to our customers with an eye towards common sense and putting myself in the shoes of our customers. My focus was on understanding problems in order to design and build out solutions that could be implemented by a team which included our engineers and our customer's technical team(s).

2016 - 2018

VP of Architecture


Built out a project team in my first year in order to expand projects offered. Turned my focus to designing and building out a cloud practice, specifically with AWS and Microsoft 365 centered around a DevSecOps framework to support scalable, flexible, and secure projects and management of cloud environments. Wrote over 25,000 lines of terraform code to automate and standardize projects. Took over the sales team technical engagements, quoting, and approval process for jobs going to our customers.

2008 - 2015

Senior Network Engineer & Systems Engineer

RedZone Technologies

Oversaw all networking projects within my first three months while self-teaching with CCNA courses. Focused on learning from the strongest senior engineers and quickly took lead on all projects assigned to me. Was the primary senior network and virtualization engineer after proving myself with 200+ network implementation projects and 100+ virtualization implementation projects.

2006 - 2008

Helpdesk Technician

DRAW Enterprises

Honed my technical skills and quickly showed aptitude to manage servers and key environment components such as: citrix, network devices, servers, and firewalls.

.Accolades & Highlights


It's difficult to cover the breadth and depth of my last 15 years in such a small snapshot. Instead, I'll try and cover some highlights which have stood out to me.


Architecture & Design 98%
Leadership 93%
Technology Strategy 95%
Cloud 98%
DevSecOps/Platform Engineering 93%
Cybersecurity 85%
Networking 95%
Virtualization 95%
Programming 75%

.Education &